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Wednesday, August 10, 2016


My website is officially up and running ... Yay!!!  There has been a lot going on personally and it has made me think about inspiration and passion.  Let me pose this question....  "What inspires you?"  No matter what your passion is there has to be something that inspires you and keeps the creative juices flowing.  I find that when you are in a rut and that passion doesn't bring the same excitement it once did is when inspiration is needed!!  I like to find inspiration in the city I live in and the people and environment that make it up.  I am also inspired by those around me who are constantly grinding.  My niece does hair and is constantly putting herself out there and that inspires me to have that same grind and passion.  Sometimes you just have stop and literally smell the flowers and remember that enjoying life and what you do is the most important.  Take the time today to think about inspiration and passion and what drives you. 



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