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Sunday, June 7, 2015


It's been a looonnngg time since my last post, but I'm back!!!  This post is about fitness, which has become a huge interest of mine in the last year.  I have been trying to find outlets for my stress and anxiety and the gym has become a wonderful outlet.  In addition to the gym, I really enjoy Pilates.  It can be difficult, but I feel like I got a great workout when I'm done.  It's challenging and really requires you to center yourself and really engage your core. 

I found a great studio in Long Beach about a year ago that is both affordable and welcoming.  The studio is called Pilates X and they offer both group classes and one on one sessions.  The studio not only offers Pilates classes, but cardio classes as well that start as early as 5 am.  What I also like is that classes are offered Saturday and Sundays.  I enjoy taking the Sunday class with Meghan.  I suggest everyone try Pilates at least once...you may be shocked how much you like it.  If you're in the Long Beach area please stop by Pilates X and sign up for a class.  Link is below: